A few months ago we were referred to a client that was in need of our services. After an interview with the Veteran it was determined that he did not meet the VA qualifications for assistance. This was an 85 year old gentleman that had served 4 years during WWII and survived the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. I listened to his stories about his service during the war and how he watched so many of his friends give their lives in service for our Country. This man had served his Country during a war and then worked the rest of his life to provide for his family and now he needed some assistance.  He had just come out of the hospital and his home health provided by Medicare was soon ending. His wife of 50 years was suffering from Alzheimers and they had no family in town that they could call on. As I am explaining to him how he does not qualify for VA benefits and that he would have to pay for any services out of his own pocket he took my hand. He looked into my eyes and began to cry. He asked me in a very low and quivering voice, “We don’t have any extra money so what am I going to do?”


Our Mission

Our mission is to never have to look into another Veteran’s eyes and tell them that there is nothing that we can do!



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